Work on view at Woods Outbound!

I'm so excited to have a selection of my larger scale pieces hanging at the so so lovely Outer Sunset bar, Woods Outbound. 



West Coast Craft Winter '17!

I was lucky enough to participate in this winter's West Coast Craft fair at Fort Mason in SF!  It was an amazing and overwhelming experience and I'm so grateful to the West Coast Craft team. 

I brought a ton of marbled papers including my largest size-wise yet at 20" x 30", plus a collection of marbled painter's caps.  I was also so lucky to share the booth with my talented friend Hannah Emile who brought her beloved Perennial bracelets and launched her first collection of leather bags. 

IMG_0556 2.JPG

Workshop at Little Paper Planes

I recently taught a marbling workshop at Little Paper Planes, a shop in the Mission district of SF that just transformed half of their retail space into an amazing space devoted entirely to art workshops.

I've taught paper marbling in the past at spaces such as Case for Making, Artist & Craftsman Supply Berkeley, and Pottery Barn, however, this was the first in which we focused specifically on marbling folded stationery cards.  All attendees received 10 pre-folded cards, already prepped with alum and ready for marbling, and a special extra sheet of 12 circle stickers.

With each workshop, I'm seriously blown away by the work people create.  One of the beautiful things about marbling is that it requires a lot of letting go and embracing color.  It's so interesting to see how people's color combinations evolve as they become more comfortable with the process during a workshop.


Mural at Artist & Craftsman Berkeley!

I'm so excited to share the front window murals I recently completed at the Artist & Craftsman Supply in Berkeley!  It was an amazing experience and challenge.  It really put me out of my comfort zone working with paint markers and acrylic paint on glass.  I'm so grateful for it and inspired to push myself further with different materials.

My goal was to use different marbling patterns as inspiration.  One window is a kind of enlarged portion of a Suminagashi pattern.  Suminagashi is Japanese marbling; the process of floating ink on water and creating expanding circles within circles that can be lightly fanned out to form incredibly intricate ripples and movement.  The other window is an enlarged stone-like pattern.  The stone pattern is a classic pattern created in western marbling, or Turkish marbling.  This marbling process differs in many ways from Suminagashi in that paints rather than inks are used, a sizing (often a carrageenan and water mix) rather than just water is used in a tray, and tools like combs and rakes are used to form more orderly patterns.  The stone pattern can be marbled alone and, like the name suggests, resembles stones.  Or it can also serve as the base for even more detailed patterns.

The mural is up through September.  Check it out and do some shopping!  This place and its staff are amazing.  Thank you Artist & Craftsman!