West Coast Craft Winter '17!

I was lucky enough and so excited to participate in this winter's West Coast Craft fair at Fort Mason in SF!  It was such an amazing and overwhelming experience and I'm so grateful to the West Coast Craft team. 

I brought a ton of marbled papers including my largest size-wise yet at 20" x 30", plus a collection of marbled painter's caps!  I was also so lucky to share the booth with my super talented friend Hannah Emile who brought her beloved Perennial bracelets and launched her first collection of leather bags.  I love how our goods complimented each other so much.  We worked together and planned a general color story that I'm so happy with.  

It was a fun challenge figuring out how to display my papers and I love the wallpapered/layered look that I ended up with but I also can't wait to experiment with alternative designs at future events!

IMG_0556 2.JPG