Workshop at Little Paper Planes

I recently taught a marbling workshop at Little Paper Planes, a shop in the Mission district of SF that just transformed half of their retail space into an amazing space devoted entirely to art workshops.

I've taught paper marbling in the past at spaces such as Case for Making, Artist & Craftsman Supply Berkeley, and Pottery Barn, however, this was the first in which we focused specifically on marbling folded stationery cards.  All attendees received 10 pre-folded cards, already prepped with alum and ready for marbling, and a special extra sheet of 12 circle stickers.

With each workshop, I'm seriously blown away by the work people create.  One of the beautiful things about marbling is that it requires a lot of letting go and embracing color.  It's so interesting to see how people's color combinations evolve as they become more comfortable with the process during a workshop.